Why You Need to Start Using Facebook Business Manager Today

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is one of the most important tools for companies to use worldwide. Its possibilities and potential are currently much more significant in comparison to other social networks, so if you are really serious about promoting your own brand on social media, you don’t want to be missing out. Therefore, don’t even think about promoting your posts through the Boost Post button, but instead create a Facebook Business Manager account. With the Boost button, it is very easy to spend ad dollars without real insights on true performance. On the other hand, FB Business Manager offers a number of targeting, optimization, and other benefits that I will walk you through in this article. These are the 4 Reasons to use Facebook Business Manager.

1. Easy and Clear Management of the Company Account

All pages, advertising accounts, product catalogs, active campaigns, and already completed campaigns are accessible for viewing and managing in one place. In addition, you can easily invite new collaborators to help manage your site and ads simply just using their email addresses. This makes it easy to pass the care of campaigns and contributions to a colleague without losing the necessary overview. In addition, you can manage multiple business pages in a single account, which again speeds up and streamlines all project work, and most importantly – it helps you to stay organized.

2. Facebook Pixel

Another indisputable advantage of Business Manager is the possibility of installing a Facebook Pixel. By installing FB Pixel’s ID into the source code of your site, you will be able to monitor the behavior of all users on your site. It will also allow you to remarket your visitors, current customers using FB ads and overall it will help with ad evaluation. For instance, thanks to the Pixel, you can target your Facebook campaign to users who have visited your e-shop in the last 30 days, downloaded one of your e-books, or visited a certain page on your website. Awesome, right?

3. Product Catalogs and Dynamic Ads

Business Manager allows you to easily install a product catalog via XML feed from your website. You can set up automatic daily or hourly updates and you will always have valid and up to date information obtained directly from your e-commerce in your FB Catalog Manager. In addition, by installing Product Catalogs, you will be able to use dynamic ads for your remarketing campaign. Dynamic ads will monitor the behavior of your website visitors and then display the products they were interested in while shopping on your e-commerce. You only need to set up your campaign once, and everything else will work automatically. Due to the ever-changing cycle of users, these ads often work for a longer period of time without further intervention.

4. More Advanced Ad Settings

Unlike the Boost Post button, which you can find next to each one of your organic posts, FB Ads Manager offers a lot more settings on the Campaign level, Ad set level, and Ad level itself. For instance, in FB Ads you can choose from 16 different ad placements, meanwhile, the Boost button only offers you to choose from 3 different placements (Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram). The same thing happens when setting up your budget. While in FB Ads Manager you are able to choose from daily and lifetime budget, boosted posts will only be able to use a lifetime budget. Another feature worth mentioning would be Audiences. FB Business will allow you to create and save various audiences based on their demographics, interests, behavior, and much more. You can also create lookalike audiences from your website traffic (thanks to FB Pixel) or custom audiences from people who have already interacted with your page in any way. With FB Business Manager, you can simply set up advertising exactly according to your preferences, ad objectives, and have your ads much more under control.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Now when we talked through the reasons why to use FB Business, it’s time to set your profile. The first thing you need is to have a personal profile on Facebook (with admin access to your page) to be able to connect your company activities with FB Business Manager. Then go to the Facebook Business Manager page and select the option in the upper right corner Create Account.

In the next step, you will need to enter your business name, name, and company email, where you will receive notifications about account activity.

Now you need to enter additional information about your business.

After entering and submitting all the information, you will be prompted to confirm your email address via email you have provided. After confirmation, you can see the home page of your Business Manager, yet without the page and advertising account that will still need to be added.

From now on the setup is pretty intuitive and you can add an existing Facebook page and advertising account or simply create a new one from scratch. It depends on whether you already have a corporate Facebook page or you’re just starting out with your social media game. Then just follow the steps and go through all the settings – first for the page, then for the advertising account.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can add new users to help you manage the page simply just sending them an invitation using their email address. 

Now there’s nothing stopping you from embarking on your first ads. If you don’t have much experience with running FB ads yet, feel free to reach out to us, and we will help you to take your social media marketing to the next level.

If you’re looking for an Digital Marketing agency, get in touch with Blueliner here to see how we can help take you from “okay” to “awesome” in the Digital Marketing realm.


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