How To Grow Followers on Instagram in 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world with more than half of its users logging in every day. Instagram profile is therefore an integral part of building a corporate brand. If your business doesn’t have an Instagram profile yet, follow our simple how-to guide on Instagram optimization.

Once you are all set up, it’s time to start growing your follower base. 

1. Planning Is Key

Planning is one of the most important steps in preparing any content. Write down some ideas, save inspirational thoughts/photos, and create a calendar in which you mark important holidays, milestones, events, etc. This way you won’t be struggling each day with creating new content, and it will make your job a lot easier. You don’t need to be scared of posting an impromptu photo or video, however, planning gives you a “repository” of ideas that you can use when you encounter a lack of “ad hoc” content.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Instagram is a visual platform. It’s simple as that. So, pay attention to the photos and videos you’re sharing, especially in your feed. Find that one preset you want to keep using across your photos and pay attention to visual consistency.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Just because you have a company profile doesn’t mean it has to be “monolithic” boredom. Try to work not only with photos but experiment with different formats like videos, creative gifs, or boomerangs. Have fun and your audience will have fun with you. The more creative, original, and engaging your content is, the more likely people are to follow and engage with your account.

In short – don’t be afraid to be different, take advantage of news, unleash your creativity, and build your own style. Your audience will appreciate it.

4. Pay Attention To Your BIO

Instagram bio is often underestimated and yet it is extremely important. In this section, users will find out who you really are, therefore, it should be clear, interesting, and well suited. Don’t be afraid to include your own hashtags and a link to your website. If you want to learn more about your bio optimization don’t forget to check out our blog – Instagram Optimization 101: Your First 6 Actions

5. Use Tags

Profile tags in photos increase awareness of your brand in a simple and non-violent way. How? Let’s take an example.

If you just hosted a workshop, tag in your photos everyone involved. This will allow the photo to be displayed in the “tag and mentions section” on all profiles you tagged, and you will increase your chances of gaining new followers. And the best part? People loooove to repost the content they were tagged in which again increases your chance to reach a new audience. Simple and effective.

6. Leverage Your Stories

Gaining new followers is one thing but keeping them engaged is a completely different task. Instagram story is a perfect tool for engaging your followers. Ask for their opinion using tools like polls or “question”. People like it when they can express themselves, get involved, and discuss. Give them space. This will not only help you to build a better relationship between you and the followers, but you will also get quick and easy feedback from the audience and inspiration for your further activities.

7. Cross-posting

“Cross-posting” your Instagram content on Facebook or Twitter can lead users to your Insta profile, especially if you are already well established on another social platform. Users who did not know you were on Instagram will then find out, which again increases your chance to grow your follower base. You can set up this posting either automatically (post on one page and appear on all linked pages), or post only selected posts that you feel like could be a good fit on other profiles as well.

8. Follow & Learn

Follow your competition. Watch and learn from what they do right, get inspired, and try to avoid their mistakes. What language, tone and voice do they use? Do people respond and engage with their posts? What works and what doesn’t? Is there something you could do better?

9. Hashtags Forever

I couldn’t brag more about the importance of using hashtags. Hashtags will make it easier for people to find you. Simple as that. You will pop up more frequently on Instagram feeds, popular pages, and even the profiles you are similar to. Make sure you’re using different hashtags with every post, so you can reach a new audience every time. 

Here is a great example of the importance of hashtags in practice.

    • 87% of accounts reached weren’t our followers
    • Gained 3,547 Impressions from hashtags used with the single Instagram post
    • Gained 12 followers from a single, not sponsored post
    • 122 profile visits

10. Engagement

Another good practice is to interact with those who are already watching you. Watch them back and “like” their content. The more you interact, the more you will appear in others’ feeds. Make sure you promptly respond to every comment and direct message you receive. If your followers see you’re responsive it will encourage them to engage with your content as well! Another important thing to do especially if you’re still in the “growing stage” is searching for other similar profiles and engaging with their content. This will help you to reach more people and grow faster.

11. Reposting

If someone tags you in their post or story, repost it! Not only will you please your customer/ follower, but you will also get a positive review for your company. Good deal, right? 🙂

12. Reporting

Reporting is extremely important even in the social media world these days. Instagram business offers simple and clear reports that can help you understand what content performs the best. You can see stats like when is your audience active the most, your follower demographics as well as their location. Use this data to optimize your posts and we guarantee that you’ll notice the results!


Do you have any special Instagram tips and tricks we didn’t mention? Let us know!

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