Basement Sports Successfully Rolls Out NFTs

Basement Sports – a b.labs venture just like Blueliner, launched an exciting project in November 2022. At the start of the Qatar World Cup, the mixed reality gaming company dropped 32,000 unique country & player NFTs (1,000 for each of the 32 qualifying teams).

Fans got to choose single teams like Brazil or France, full 4-team groups as per the World Cup bracket, or the full slate of 32 countries. NFT Owners can “trade,” sell or buy skins through the app or on NFT exchange, OpenSea.

The minting – which costs $25 per player – can be done through the Basement Sports app, where users will get to choose and showcase these unique avatars on social media and use them in actual soccer gameplay within the app. Kidcoin, another b.labs venture, is working collaboratively to execute this plan: Basement Sports Gamers can livestream and earn Kidcoins as reward points when using NFT Teams.

The project gave Basement Sports the chance to engage with influencers and fans in the NFT, cryptocurrency, and soccer communities, and was hugely successful. It culminated with an exclusive World Cup watch party in NYC’s Meatpacking District, coinciding with the semi-final rounds of the tournament.

Remaining NFTs are still available for sale on the Basement Sports App and website and are a great opportunity for beginner and more experienced collectors to enhance their portfolio.



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