Rising Above the Noise During Black Friday and the Holiday Shopping Season

In October, we signed on as Agency of Record for a well-established but under the radar fashion brand, Jack Georges, an independent maker of handmade leather goods since 1987. Jack Georges has everything that we look for in a client – great product, an intriguing entrepreneurial story and a non-corporate culture. The brand is backed by the man himself, you guessed it – Jack Georges. This month, we want to share more of Jack’s story and talk about how Blueliner has approached our role, on this second go around (we had initially worked with Jack Georges over 10 years ago on a few specific projects – SEO, Website and a Brand Photoshoot). It has been a lot of fun, with some early marketing success stories that can hopefully illuminate other small businesses and entrepreneurs aspiring to build meaningful brands and customer relationships.

Here are some of the strategies and tools that we are using to effectively promote this line of vintage leather bags, for both men and women.

A fresh photo and video shoot, with both male and female models. We decided to work with actual professionals – the kinds of people and industries that Jack Georges bags are made for. Content is (still) King, and having new lifestyle images is important for brands, especially in the fashion industry.

A new branding campaign concept – something highly personalized. Credit to Creative Director, Mustafa Farhad, for the idea and execution – Postcards from Jack – with video and editing support from Micah Bochart and Matt Feldman.

A/B Testing, for ads, emails and website content as well.  Everyone has an opinion of what colors, messages and layouts ‘look best’; but data doesn’t lie.  That is why testing is so important, and we have done a lot of that for the execution of the Jack Georges Black Friday and Cyber Monday #BFCM campaigns.

Social Listening. There are many good platforms for this, and in a separate analysis, we will share what platforms we are using and why. The main point here is to ‘listen’ in for conversations happening across key social media platforms – like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter/X, Reddit, Facebook and others – about ‘fashion’, ‘holiday gift ideas’, ‘quality leather bags’ and other related terms of interest to Jack Georges. Also to see how communities talk about Jack Georges versus competitive brands.

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing. These terms really go hand in hand. Good influencers are basically affiliates. Sometimes a social or website brand is beyond one individual, and that also makes a good affiliate which can wield influence through its platform that features one or more people, or just a focus on the product itself. As we are just putting this framework in place, more to come on results and lessons from Influencer Marketing. This integrates closely with the photo and video shoots, as well as Social Listening.

This week, our CEO – Arman Rousta – will sit down with Jack Georges to hear about his journey, a true American Dream success story, and what advice he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Check our social media channels to catch some clips or the whole conversation.

To cap off 2023, we will host a webinar on Wednesday, December 20th, sharing more about the Jack Georges marketing case study, through an insider conversation with the marketing team itself.  This will be a good set of lessons and strategies to take into your own 2024 Marketing Plan.  We hope that you tune in!


Interested in seeing some of these marketing strategies implemented in your business? Blueliner recently opened up its best practices to smaller businesses running on tighter budgets; Light Blue marketing packages start at just $1,000/month. Take a look at all of what you can get at the different service levels, and reach out to set up a free consultation.


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