Google My Business for Healthcare Practices During the COVID-19 Era

Uncertain times have always determined businesses to become more creative, shift focus, and create momentum.

The global healthcare emergency situation we have all been experiencing for a month now does not represent an exception. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the entire business landscape worldwide. From restaurants,  travel and tourism agencies, real estate companies, wellness centers to healthcare practices, all need to shift their services in order to still remain relevant to their target market and audience. 

The lockdown period has allowed individuals to spend even more time online, looking for valuable information and services. In this context, how can healthcare practices still stay relevant to their audience?

Google My Business has launched a new and very useful feature called COVID-19 UPDATE. One cannot stress enough how vital it is for healthcare practices (hospitals, doctors’ offices) to have a strong online presence, updated on a regular basis, that allows both current and potential patients to easily find the information they need.

Such an effort was required before too, but now, considering this context, it is mandatory (to say the least) to create one. By doing so, medical practices help individuals stay informed, while practicing social distancing. Therefore, Google My Business allows owners and administrators of practices to engage and update current patients, while attracting new ones. 

Adding details about Telemedicine (virtual consultations), web portals through which these can be setup, diagnostics, procedures, Physical Therapy rehab programs for pre and post op, business hours, contact phone number and email address for questions/concerns, as well as educational materials related to how COVID-19 interferes with various pre-existing conditions will make the business listing stand out in Search. 

One says that a picture values 1,000 words. This is applicable to healthcare practices as well, especially in this new context. Adding images highlighting remote services would be more than helpful for everyone, to understand how Telemedicine works and know what to expect from such a new approach.

In other words, factors such as relevance, distance, and prominence of the practice itself all determine whether the Google My Business profile appears in a search.

Through this COVID-19 Update, Google supports the safety and health of current and potential patients by allowing them to stay home.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

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