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For conventional healthcare providers, Blueliner can be the patient acquisition side of your patient care team, creating effective strategic plans or executing digital tactics – whatever is needed to onboard new clients through only the best healthcare marketing tactics. Typical healthcare projects combine HIPPA-compliant CRM, SEO, PPC and social media, on the back end of an EMR integration into a new “mobile-first” website.

Blueliner has also positioned itself as a marketing leader in the field of holistic, traditional, and alternative health and wellness practices, with a proven track record facilitating medicinal travel and healing.


Blueliner’s Newsletter is published on a monthly basis, setting the tone for what we plan to share and learn as a community in this period.  You can expect to see the following types of content here:

  • Best practices with Health & Wellness Marketing
  • Industry Leaders – featured profiles
  • Spotlight on key holistic, traditional, and alternative medicine practitioners
  • Highlights from previous month’s Workshop
  • Theme of this month’s Workshop
  • Clips from previous month’s Podcast
  • Preview of this month’s Podcast

Newsletters are distributed through Email, LinkedIn and Substack.


The Polymath Project brings in industry thought leaders to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities that they are experiencing first hand. We brainstorm with them on how key stakeholders can take on these issues, and the role that technology and marketing communications play.

Podcasts range from 30-60 minutes. By subscribing, you will also get access to other professional and personal development content, beyond the health & wellness industry.

Subscribe to audio and video episodes via all of the popular podcast services. For full episodes on all topics, visit


In partnership with the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, a unique, 2 decade old online learning curriculum, a Health & Wellness Marketing Workshop will be conducted once a month, providing a deeper dive into specific strategies, tactics, tools and best practices being employed by leaders in health, fitness, and healing.

Workshops range from 1-2 hours and are FREE (for now). 7 Pillars Certifications are available to those who complete 10+ hours of course work, and demonstrate a command of the tactical and/or strategic knowledge presented during the workshops.

Please register below to be notified about all future workshops:

  • While I was trying to figure out how I was going to bring my new innovative barrel bolt to the market, I realized that I needed a strong partner with concrete experience of doing just that. Arman and his team committed to working with me to build the company no matter how long it would take. Blueliner LLC built our brand strategy and website, managed all of our PR and digital marketing, and designed our packaging and Trade-show materials. We utilized their staff for bookkeeping, and general administration and the company even provided us with office space for the first 2 years. Without them incubating Ajustco LLC, we would have had a slim chance of making it to where we currently are.

    Jason Stile
    Jason Stile Ajustco / Founder & CEO
  • “When Chaa Creek hired Blueliner to do SEO and internet marketing on our website - , our sales and profits went up and our pay per click went down. The SEO services that Blueliner supplied helped us become more successful in today's increasingly competitive digital world. Today, the majority of our clients find out about Chaa Creek Resort on the internet, thanks to Blueliner who opened our eyes to the world of search engine optimization and social media.”

    Larry Waight
    Larry Waight Chaa Creek / Marketing Director 
  • “I'm so excited to have worked with Arman and the Blueliner team. They are a great agency and I feel lucky to have found them. They came to us (or should I say, we found them via a referral from another wellness industry business that they helped build) at an interesting time when we were still somewhat small, but had the potential to grow a lot. We are now - after two years of working with Blueliner - far and away the biggest acupuncture practice in the US, and have grown our top line under Blueliner's skillful digital marketing direction by over 60%. So exciting!” Jill Blakeway is the Founder of the Yinova Center in New York. She’s the host of CBS radio’s weekly podcast Grow Cook Heal and the author of two popular books on women’s health, Making Babies and Sex Again.

    Jill Blakeway
    Jill Blakeway Yinova Center
  • Blueliner has been Health City's digital marketing agency of record since the hospital's opening in 2014, and has spearheaded multi-channel campaigns that have raised significant awareness as well as driven hundreds of patient leads to our website - which Blueliner also manages, and has ensured to be state-of-the-art, up there in functionality and presentation with the top U.S. hospitals.  As a result, Health City has seen over 14,000 patients and performed over 1,000 surgeries, and become profitable in an amazingly short time frame of 2 years.

    Shomari Scott
    Shomari Scott Health City Cayman Islands / Marketing Director

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